Saturday, April 23, 2005

NFL Eels home again!

Western Tigers self-destructed and the Eels showed a lot of grit and some enterprise to make it back to back wins on the eve of a confrontation with the win-starved Bulldogs.
Luke Burt had a bad night with the boot and that could have been costly but the usually well disciplined Tigers made a heap of unforced errors in the second half and never managed to exert sustained pressure.

In the other match the Cowboys showed a lot of composure to soak up pressure from Penrith and score some spectacular tries including a game breaker just when Penrith was taking charge of the game in the second half. Eventually Penrith self-destructed as well with Craig Gower the main offender.


Anonymous Irant said...

We have the Bulldogs this weekend (whenever that is as I'm stateside). The Eels have struggled against the Doggies over recent years. Yet last year's disgrace could be the motivation. The great thing about the Tigers game was the defense. The attack could be better. But I think that is Tim Smith finding his feet in NRL. And this is not far away. He played well against the Tigers and is has the game to be the best half back in a few years.

We can win this game. The forwards can more than match the Dogs and the backline if given a few feet will attack. Burt has done well but Wade McKinnon is the best defensive (and most underated) fullback in the comp.

Eels 3/3 and on the way.

4:30 pm  
Blogger Rafe said...

In the light of the role that Smith and Mackinnon played in the Eels demolition of the Cowboys Irant has to get a prize for smart predictionsm, just a week too early!

7:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Good Luck!

6:08 am  

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