Saturday, April 09, 2005

Round Three

My picks for this round. Melbourne over Geelong (heart over head), Carlton over Collingwood, Saints over Kangaroos (going against Eddie for the third time), Brisbane over Sydney (head over heart), West Coast over Fremantle (hard to call), Port over Adelaide (another tough local derby), Essendon over Hawks (could be a massacre), Western Bulldogs over the Tigers (still getting sorted).

These are the picks before kick-off. The Demon selection is looking good although I had to nominate a margin and 10 points is a long way short of the final result. Goal kicking looked like the difference, yet again (how many games now?), but the real story was told in the midfield.

As I write Carlton has 8 points on the Pies and the Saints have four points on the Kangaroos. If Eddie's Kangaroos get up I might have to take Monday off to avoid facing up to him at work after picking the opposition three times in a row.


Blogger Rafe said...

Fifty fifty in the first two rounds. Pretty ordinary.
Cheer up they said, things could be worse!
So I cheered up and sure enough things did get worse.

6:27 pm  

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