Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Post mortem on Round Four

Trust the real Saints to turn up in the last quarter against the Demons.
Thanks to an unlikely performance by the Tigers (why did I pick them? am I psychic? No, not judging by my position in the tipping comp) I managed five out of eight this time.
Congratulations to the Hawks for showing some real form, and in enemy territory as well!
Essendon continue to bomb, but not for want of effort and there is still plenty of class in the side if they can just generate some momentum. The real Geelong stood up, and that is a worry for every other side in the competition.
The Eagles are going to cause some real problems this year, and the Bulldogs are going to battle for a few wins.
The Swans are going to cause problems for their fans as much as the opposition, like Melbourne they can lose the plot and snatch defeat from victory.
Adelaide remain an unknown quantity, they are not going to be in the top five or the bottom five but where they will fall in the middle six is hard to pick.
Much the same can be said of Carlton, a lot depends on the capacity of other teams to smother Fevola who is likely to be a marked man. Port are not playing like a premiership team at present, it remains to be seen if they have the mental attitude required for back to back flags.
The Kangaroos are demonstrating the power of attitude and Collingwood are looking down the barrel with another key player limping off and their trump card still watching from the stand.


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