Friday, May 05, 2006


This has been the hardest round to pick so far, with form reversals right and left.

Melbourne to beat Geelong by 6 (points). Perhaps.
Western Bulldogs to beat St Kilda (not a confident selection, may change in the morning).
West Coast to beat Fremantle.
Essendon to beat Richmond (looking for another form reversal).
Adelaide to beat Port.
Swans to beat the Lions. I hope.
Collingwood to beat Carlton.
Hawthon to beat Kangaroos. Subject to revision in case of another form reversal.

Commentators have been absent in droves lately for a variety of reasons including field trips, study leave and laziness.

The Bomber Report

Review of Week 5

Once again the Bombers were dead unlucky to lose. Nevertheless there were some very good signs given Hawthorn’s previous form. However, narrow losses are not a great help in climbing the ladder. Essendon was also heavily disadvantaged by the fact that Hawthorn had a much longer break between games. Once again there was no TV in Adelaide except the ridiculous Collingwood Port Adelaide game. At the time of writing the St Kilda v. Fremantle fiasco had yet to be resolved. It would be tough on Fremantle to lose but if the AFL apply the rules then it should be a draw. If they award the game to Fremantle, St Kilda may be entitled to take legal action.

Week 6
This week Essendon are playing Richmond, an inconsistent mob if ever there was. The outcome of the match may depend on which particular Richmond team turns up. However, having watched the error riddled game between Richmond and Carlton, Essendon should be able to win. Once again I think there will be no live TV coverage because in Adelaide we will be forced to watch the two South Australian teams beat each other up with their handbags. Predicted result: Essendon by 5 goals.


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