Thursday, April 06, 2006

Round One Progress Report

The Demons and I have started the year the way we ended last season. The Demons choked and I scooped the pool in the NSW Parliament House tipping comp. 8/8 in the last round of home and away games, 7/8 this time, but good enough.

This is a turnaround for me, last year I ran about 90th out of 200 but the organizer got me back in by promising that this could be my year. I suppose he said that to everyone.

My tips for round two are:
St Kilda by 65 (there is a points margin in one game of the round to split people who pick the same number of games.
Western Bulldogs (sorry Demons).
Geelong (sorry Arden Fast).
Essendon (not a confident pick).
Swans. Not a confident tip.
Adelaide. Likely to be close.

Sunday morning update

Looking good for 7/8 again. Go Swans, Magpies and Crows!


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