Monday, April 10, 2006

The Bomber Report.

Bombers: Round 2 Review

Judging by his performance on Saturday Jonathon Brown clearly enjoys playing against Essendon. He was clearly the difference between the two teams. However, Essendon was not far off the mark. One of the pleasing things was the form of the younger players Watson, Monfries and Stanton. Not so pleasing was David Hille’s rush of blood in the last quarter, particularly as Essendon had the ball and were about to kick to the goal square.

Bombers Round 3

This week’s opponents Footscray have been most impressive to date, but they have only played Richmond and Melbourne so they are yet to be tested. Their main attribute seems to be sheer pace which may cause Essendon a few problems. However, their big man power is suspect, and if Essendon can get the ball in quickly to Lucas and Lloyd this will cause Footscray some problems. At least these days they play at the Docklands rather than the cow paddock out at the Western Oval where on a wet day 5 goals could be a winning score. Prediction for this week: Essendon by two goals.


Blogger Rafe said...

Jonathan Brown is going to bother every side this year and Bradford may do the same. He kicked seven against Melbourne in round 1 last year, just to demonstrate that the Ds are one big man short in the defence.

11:32 pm  

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